Full Guide to Natural Birth

For home and hospital birth

Birth is that magical moment when you and your child work together so that they may safely come into the world. I strongly believe we all deserve a beautiful birth experience but is up to us to make that happen.

I have put together a practical guide with tips and resources you can use to create the birth you dream of.

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About The Book

More and more families are choosing natural and home birth this book was created with the purpose to help you navigate the best options for you and your family in this life changing moment. Birth can be an empowering and positive experience, and this book provides gentle and practical guidance, with high regard for your wisdom and ability to successfully navigate your prenatal care and birth.

A book filled with methods, practical  tips and resources to help you navigated easily the planning process to take the initiative and consciously prepare for the kind of birth you want   

What’s inside


Changing your perception around birth

How to work on your fears about birth


How to have a succesful home birth

Filled with tips and useful resources to help you have the home birth you want


How to have a succesful Natural Birth in a hospital

Ways to make your hospital birth as magical as you wish


How to find the best Midwife

Full list of questions and qualifications for your midwife.


Practical Check list Birth Plan

Easy to make  birth plan which is also easy to follow for nurses, midwives and doulas.


Full hospital and homebirth supply checklist

all-inclusive homebirth checklist to make sure everything is ready for birth and you can relax and enjoy that magical moment.


Absolutely indispensable for any woman searching for a natural birth. I just gave birth to my second child this week at home totally unmedicated and in complete confidence and control and throughout the birth I remembered many things about this guide that helped me a lot. Eternally grateful for this guide.

Daniela R.

This guide really was a God send for me and helped me to get in the right mindset for what I hoped to be a natural birth- and I was fortunate enough that things transpired that way for me. The book gave practical tips as well as helping shift my mindset around childbirth. Thank you Angela!

Kat D.

I got this guide looking for were to start researching about childbirth, there is so much information out there and Angela basically condensed all of it in a practical way. The guide is filled with tips that were very useful for my planning process.

Clara M.

About the author.

I was a young mother, pregnant at 19 and found myself in the industry of birth. It was completely shocking to me everything that I learned through this time. At 19, my way to rebel as a teen mother was to be completely committed to having a natural birth in a country where birth is a business.  The journey after successfully having a natural hospital birth and then making the decision, for my second baby,  to have a beautiful and magical home birth was filled with so many experiences, knowledge, and preparation.

I created this guide with the purpose to share in a practical way everything I learned with both of my births. There is so much information around birth out there and it can definitely be overwhelming where to start. I have been there!

That is why I collected in just one comprehensive guide which you can easily follow and plan the birth you want.

Angela Donoso

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