Here you will find all the resources listed in the Full Guide to Natural Birth



List of supplies

  •   Breastfeeding

    Postpartum care

    • I love these Depends undergarments. They combine underwear and a heavy pad for postpartum bleeding. They are disposable and comfortable. (Keep in mind, many hospitals are in low supply of these!)
    • If you want to be more green, use heavy flow cloth pads and big underwear (at least 1 size up from normal) that you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause.
    • Herbal Sitz sprays to soothe tender areas and help everything heal faster. THIS IS SO HELPFUL, trust me! (where to buy)
    • After-ease to calms after birth pains; these get consecutively stronger with each birth. (VERY IMPORTANT for the second time and up moms)
    • Magnesium for constipation that usually sets in post-birth. (where to buy)
    • Peri bottles. (This is only for a home birth as hospitals will have.)
    • Massage and bodywork

    Essential oils and natural remedies

    • Clary Sage to help keep contractions consistent, and strong. (Do not use before you’re in active labor.)
    • Orange, lemon, or other citrus oils to energize.
    • Lavender essential oil for relaxation and peaceful feelings.
    • Frankincense to help you stay centered and focused. Some moms like to “anoint” their babies with a very diluted Frankincense (1 drop of EO per 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil.)
    • Soothing essential oils, like black pepper for back labor.
    • A diffuser, or personal inhalers. As your mood changes during labor, you may not want to diffuse a strong-smelling oil throughout the whole room, and instead make up some personal inhalers beforehand.
    • Magnesium oil for cramping or BioFreeze for back labor (this stuff numbs pain!)

    Homeopathic remedies


    Birth Documentaries